About us

Our Paris-z event agency was founded in 2009, therefore we have a great experience in organizing weddings in Paris, France; and it is not an exaggeration to say that we are the best event agency of Paris.

Our specialists will take into consideration all your wishes. We will answer all your questions and will always be near. You can save a lot of time due to the wide range of services we offer. We will help you organize everything - from sending the invitations to your guests till the actual ceremony of preparing the wedding cake, providing everything you need for organizing a wedding or a corporate event.

The wedding is the most important event in the life of every loving couple. This celebration has to be unforgettable, and it will leave not only the brightest and warmest memories, but also it will mark the entry of a new unit of society in the light and long future full of love and impressions. That’s why it is important to prepare for it thoroughly and plan every little detail, so that nothing will escape your attention and the young couple and guests will keep the festive spirit high.

If you have any questions regarding the organization of a wedding or any other occasion, call us at 
+33 7 70 77 28 28.